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Cooperation with S.A. Atlantis

As study and alumni associations of ATLAS, UCTAA and Atlantis both have a strong interest in collaborating on initiatives that benefit both students and alumni. Below, you can find an overview.


Despite our mutual interest in cooperation, UCTAA is an entirely separate association from S.A. Atlantis. This means that you no longer need an Atlantis membership to take part in alumni activities (since they are now organised by UCTAA rather than an Atlantis AlumniCo). However, this also means that a UCTAA membership will not allow you to take part in Atlantis activities or make use of Atlantis facilities such as the tally list at the Aquarium. The following paragraphs outline the agreements we have made with Atlantis regarding memberships.

Dual Membership Agreement 2019/20

UCTAA was founded in September 2019. To ease the transition period from an AlumniCo that is part of Atlantis to an independent association, we have arranged the Dual Membership Agreement for the current association year 2019/20*. This agreement is relevant for everyone who is a member of both associations. This means that if you are currently a member of Atlantis and want to join UCTAA, you probably want to make use of this agreement. Here’s how it works:

Normally, if you are a member of both Atlantis and UCTAA, each association would charge you €10 in membership fees annually, a total of €20. However, if you opt into this agreement in the UCTAA signup form, you will only pay a membership fee to Atlantis and be exempt from the UCTAA fee this current association year (2019/20). This is because under the agreement, Atlantis and UCTAA will check if you really are a member of both associations, and if you are, Atlantis will cover the UCTAA fee for you.

If you are no longer a member of Atlantis, you cannot make use of this agreement, you will simply pay €10 to UCTAA.

Note that this agreement only applies in the current association year (up to and including 31 August 2020). Read more about our future plans in the next section.

*Atlantis and UCTAA have synced association years, spanning from September 1st to August 31st of the following year. Thus, the current association year in both associations started on September 1st, 2019 and ends on August 31st, 2020.

Longer term membership agreements

We are currently working with Atlantis to find longer term arrangements for alumni who wish to stay members of both associations. Despite alumni events being organised by UCTAA from now on and an Atlantis membership not being required to take part, there are many reasons alumni might want to stay members of Atlantis: to be able to use the tally list, to attend prom, to stay a member of the Advisory Body or other Atlantis committees, to support Atlantis, or simply for nostalgic reasons.

We are working together with Atlantis to explore whether a dedicated Atlantis alumni membership can be offered at a reduced cost.

We want to come to an arrangement under which alumni do not pay full membership fees to both associations if they wish to stay a member of both, while making sure both associations remain financially stable in the long term.

As soon as more information is available, we (UCTAA) and Atlantis will inform all alumni.

Cooperation on Events

We see shared events that benefit both alumni and current students as one of the most important ways in which Atlantis and UCTAA can collaborate. We are working with Atlantis to see what events we can organize together. Stay tuned for more information!